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Our values guide us in doing the best we can to create a great company for our partners, candidates and community.

We work alongside our partners ,developing open relationships, supporting with our skills and knowledge and aligning our operations with their recruitment needs.

We are dedicated in supporting European healthcare professionals to advance their careers abroad and helping to identify the perfect position that will match their skills, experience and specific requirements.

It’s all about teamwork and ExpoMedics is the right company to have on your team

CEO & Co-Founder: Simion Chis
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Simion Chis


CEO & Co-Founder


Founder: Alexandra Chis
Sign: Alexandra Chis

Alexandra Chis





With an experience of over 8 years in organizing ONLY medical events, ExpoMedics is one of the most recognizable organizer of medical job fairs around Europe. We started
ExpoMedics, creating the easiest and most efficient way for the recruitment companies to reach medical professionals across Europe; an efficient shortcut in bringing together candidates and medical recruiters in a face to face meeting.


Our purpose is to create the best way where recruitment companies and candidates can meet each other: either through our on-line network or face to face at the
ExpoMedics Events. We always adjust our working methods after the medical job market, listening to the needs of recruitment companies and medical professionals are having.


We are constantly updating our database of medical professionals from around Europe and provide support for those which are looking for jobs opportunities abroad. Whether you are seeking
to hire one person or more highly-skilled professionals ExpoMedics.com can reach candidates based on specific qualifications, geographic locations, and other criteria pertinent to your specific hiring needs.


Having a vast experience in organising medical job fairs and a large network of Partners and Associates around Europe we provide the best solutions in terms of efficient
medical recruitment. ExpoMedics will help you find a staff member that fits your vacancies or a job according to your lifestyle.