ExpoMedics Job Fair Romania - Timisoara and Cluj Napoca

Our first two locations that we have visited in Romania was the cities Timisoara and Cluj Napoca .
Timisoara and Cluj Napoca was the first and the second from a total of 4 locations: Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Iasi and Bucharest.

The ExpoMedics Event from Timisoara - Spring Edition 2018 was held at Hotel Timisoara *****, one of the top locations from Timisoara city.
The ExpoMedics Event from Cluj Napoca - Spring Edition 2018 was held at Hotel Grand Napoca *****, one of the best locations from Cluj Napoca.

We want to thank our Partners and Sponsors that have joined our events from Romania , and we are sure that the events have risen to the expectations.

Below you can find a few pictures from our latest ExpoMedics Events from Romania: Timisoara and Cluj Napoca.

See you there !