Medical Analyst for Rejuvenation Therapies

Medical Analyst for Rejuvenation Therapies

Full Time - Karlsruhe, Germany

Senolytics, NAD+, Lipid Replacement, Decalcification, mTOR Modulation, Geroprotectors, ... - the first generation of human rejuvenation therapies is available today.

However, the field is still very young and the information often spotty. New therapies are emerging, and existing ones are updated or replaced. Many of us can not or do not want to wait for decades until we have all the knowledge, perfect therapies and a lifetime of experience on how to implement such therapies.

To take advantage of this exciting development right now, we need to navigate this time of transition and make very personal decisions about which treatments to apply and when. Arming ourselves with the best knowledge about therapeutic options is vital.

To achieve this, we have created our 'Rejuvenation Now' initiative.


  • You will be responsible for systematically reviewing current and up-coming rejuvenation therapies 
  • You will evaluate risks, benefits, and potential application of said therapies
  • You will propose risk management and monitoring strategies for said therapies
  • Your work will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from geroprotectors to compensatory treatments such as NAD+ restoration and rapalogs as well as true age repair approaches such as stem cell therapies, organ regeneration, de-calcification and senolytics
  • You will publish your findings as part of Forever Healthy's public knowledge base in order to create transparency regarding the current state of rejuvenation therapies for interested medical providers and early adopters



  • Ph.D. in biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, or similar
  • strong scientific curiosity, particularly for rejuvenation therapies
  • excellent analytical skills
  • solid understanding of research methodology 
  • good writing skills
  • proficiency in English

Work Environment

  • work in a fast-growing, extremely promising field
  • collaborate with leading international experts in the rejuvenation community
  • gain global visibility for your work
  • a start-up culture where continuous learning is key
  • vast opportunities for professional and personal development

About Forever Healthy  

Forever Healthy is a private, non-profit initiative with the mission to accelerate the availability of human rejuvenation therapies and enable people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan.

Through our 'Rejuvenation Now' and 'Maximizing Health' initiatives we seek to continuously identify and evaluate new rejuvenation therapies with reference to their risks, benefits, and potential application and to harness the enormous wealth of the world's cutting-edge medical knowledge to empower informed decisions about health and well-being.

Our "Health & Longevity Strategy" combines the results of "Rejuvenation Now" and "Maximizing Health" with the latest knowledge from selected experts to create a step-by-step guide on how to maximize our health, well-being, and longevity right now.

Our acclaimed Undoing Aging conference annually brings together pioneering scientists and startups from around the globe, who are leading the charge in maintaining and restoring full health in old age.

In addition, Forever Healthy supports the development of rejuvenation therapies that undo the damage of aging by funding basic research and mentoring startups that work on therapies for human use.


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