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In order to work as a pharmacist in Ireland you will need to pass an English exam, after that it will only take a few weeks to get registered with the pharmacy society. No English exam is required in Northern Ireland. 

Opportunities in Ireland (Republic) 

  • 60,000 euros to 85,000 euros per year
  • Over 90 roles currently available
  • Training provided 
  • Offers and interviews before coming over
  • Training provided
  • Accommodation guidance 

You must have 

  • English exam passed (Essential) 
  • Pharmacy Society of Ireland registration (higher chance of getting a job if you are already registered) 
  • Preferably community pharmacy experience 

Opportunities in Northern Ireland 

  • Cheap accommodation and cost of living 

  • Training Provided 

  • Visa provided ( this is for 2 years) 

  • Offers and interviews before any travel

  • Roles all over Northern Ireland 

  • After 3 years living in an English speaking country out of 5,  you no longer need to do an English exam if you wish to then go to the Republic of Ireland 

You must have 

  • Preferably community pharmacy experience 


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65 000 - 85 000 € / year


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