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If you are Family Medicine Specialist and wondering about starting as GP in the UK - do not get lost amongst multiple and different offers. Verumed was pioneering GP entry since 2015, and it is the principles of our programme in Essex which later became what is now called International NHS England GP Recruitment Scheme.

Our offers are exclusive and the process is exceptionally well prepared for you. GPs recruited by Verumed since are successfully passing the test, some of them with Band 4, and becoming independent UK GPs in 5-9 months, without any restrictions to further career or attachment to the area. 

Becoming independent NHS GP fully included onto the National Performers List is the most important point in your career - only then, when you complete the entire induction programme, you will be able to make further choices in your career: region, clinic, salary and special interests which you may want to develop, or even second specialty. Verumed offers fastest completion of this process -  from your arrival to the UK to the status of the fully registered independent NHS General Practitioner. 

Do not get tangled into an endless processes, exclusivity for the number of years or financial penalties - there are no rightful stipulation for such agreements to be offered to you.

Company’s Directors: recruitment consultant with 13 years’ GP recruitment expertise and knowledge of the market, your colleague NHS Family Doctor, and formerly NHS England Deputy Director.

Verumed guarantees you accurate and verifiable truth. There is no question we could not answer. 

Make well informed decision. Chose the experts.

  • No financial or service time restrictions in your contract;
  • Fast track inclusion into the National Performers List - which is your ultimate goal to promptly become an independent practitioner with the salary equal to that of your UK colleagues; 
  • Alternative solution to usual I&R Scheme without losing I&R benefits: GMC fee, professional indemnity insurance, monthly bursary.
  • Direct contact with your employer from the very beginning;
  • Free language training with the only European accredited OET courses;
  • 360° service in your home country and upon relocation;
  • 24/7 access to your dedicated personal assistant; 
  • Relocation package up to £8500;
  • Best areas of the UK;
  • Salary gradually increasing to £100000 or more 
  • Options of supported professional development in additional specialty or area of your special interests.

Training programmes in a safety of your home would also be offered free of charge, should you wish to remain in a certainty of your current employment and home country, and relocate only when you are absolutely safe and certain. Verumed does not offer limiting solutions or mass engagement. Each GP gets individually tailored programme depending on their preferences and circumstances. 

Step 1: email or call us.

Step 2: we will assist you to decide. 

Step 3: we will lead you every step of the way. 


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United Kingdom


65 000 - 100 000 £ / year


Full Time



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