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At DPA Dentistry, we believe taking a job in a clinic in a different country should become as easy as changing clinics within a country. 

This is why we have been helping dentists (more than 180 since 2012) from other European countries in every step of the process of becoming a dentist in the Netherlands: 

From the first contact, through a 4-month course, to the start of a new career in the Netherlands with 3,5 years of guidance. 

This helps us connect talented European dentists to employers who value them, as well as making a positive contribution to dental care in the Netherlands.


Are you a European dentist and are you interested in working in the Netherlands? 

We are selecting groups for July and September 2017. DPA Dentistry offers you the opportunity to start a new life and career in the Netherlands and be part of our network of DPA dentists. 

We are looking for enthusiastic and adventurous dentists who want to start a career as dentists in the Netherlands. 

We offer a stable job in a Dutch clinic for 3,5 years. Before starting to work, we offer you an intensive Dutch course. 

During the course you will be with other colleagues who are also preparing for their new life as a dentist or orthodontist in Holland. 

Within 4 months you will reach a level B2 of Dutch and during that time we take care of all the paperwork and preparations to make the transition to your new life as easy as possible. 

Are you interested and want to grow professionally as a dentist in the Netherlands?

 Contact us and we will invite you to an interview. 

Who are we looking for? Dentists with: 

· Degree / Degree in Dentistry (degree issued in Spanish or European university - validations and homologations of non-European qualifications are not admitted) 

· Good level of English (part of the selection process is in English) We have vacancies for experienced professionals and also for recent graduates (if they have completed the career practices). 

You can also visit our website (www.dentistinholland.com/bienvenido/) and Facebook page "Dentist in Holland" to get an idea of our program and requirements. 

On the web you can also find our Yearbook, where you will find the stories of all our dentists who started a few years ago.

DPA Dentistry


39 000.00 EUR - 63 000.00 EUR per year


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