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General Practicioner / Family Medicine / Allgemeinmedizin

The clinic owner is located in the East of Austria, all around Vienna. 27 hospitals offer places in this specialization to enter the Austrian health care system. The hospitals have a size of 150 and 1.100 beds and are focused on special medical issues.

We offer a personal interview to find a possibility for you, we make together a clear schedule for your start in a new medical job in Austria. We accompany you through the bureaucracy and guide you directly to a hospital you desire.  If you have finished a medical university and a medical specialist education both inside the European Union we offer you a medical position in Austria.  At the beginning is a language level starting with “A2” necessary. We also offer German language courses to prepare you for the legal German language exam.

Working conditions in Austria:

For an employment in Austria you will earn starting with EUR 85.000 (40 hours per week) up to EUR 100.000 per year depending on more working hours. 5 weeks holiday entitlement and social insurance (health insurance coverage, accident insurance and retirement pension insurance) are always included and free of costs in case of need, also for the whole family. Many hospitals also provide free accommodation.

If you are interested to check your possibilities for working in Austria in a medical job you can contact us very easily via: office@drmayr-personal.at

Find also more Information here: http://www.drmayr-personal.at/karriereangebote?jh=s6av1dyoykcsw38rqg0291geh6w7d92

Markus Krempl-Spörk Consult Partner

Dr. Mayr et Partners Personal- und Managementberatung GmbH


100 000.00 EUR per year

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