Gynaecology positions in South Sweden


  • The Gynaecology Department has approximately 200 employees.
  • The surgeries include both planned and emergency interventions.
  • The delivery department has about 2200 births per year, both the normal and the complicated childbirth are handled, from pregnancy week 28. The Hospital offers an exciting work with nice, competent and committed colleagues.
  • As a doctor at the women's clinic, you have the entire clinic as a workplace. You work with various professional groups such as midwives, coordinators, nurses, under-nurses, medical secretaries and the clinic's operations manager, operations developer, communicator and clinic administrator.
  • We are looking for qualified doctor, specialized in obstetrics and gynecology who will have good communication skills and who will be a good team player.
  • We place great importance on personal characteristics.


  • Permanent contract after obtaining the Swedish medical license.
  • Training courses within working hours.
  • During the trial period the gross salary will be 62 000 SEK/month for 40 working hours. The salary for the permanent employment will be negotiated individually depending on experience and ability to work independently, but it will be minimum 65 000 SEK gross/month.


  • Specialist title in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
  • Experience as a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • Availability to complete the intensive language course.
  • Team spirit and ability to work with different patient categories


  • A free visit for the interview, to see the place where you will live and work and meet future colleagues.
  • A free preparing and intensive language course. You can access the preparing course before the interview.
  • A free intensive language course for partners and children in school age and kindergarten for the youngest.
  • Free apartment at the course location for you and your family, all costs covered (electricity, gas, water and Wi-Fi).
  • Flight tickets to the course location for the whole family.
  • A scholarship for the intensive language course of 800 € monthly.
  • Generous relocation package, including flight tickets and transportation of goods.


  • We find you a place to live and help to register your children in a school or kindergarten.
  • We help you with practical matters, such as social security number, medical card, bank accounts, etc.
  • We help your spouse with sources for job search.
  • We contact with the moving company and arrange the moving trip to Sweden.
  • You receive an information package with practical details and a contact person to call in case of any problems


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65 000 SEK per month


Full Time



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