Consulting Doctor for our Clinic of headache at the Department of neurology.

A new position as Consulting Doctor or Specialized Doctor is available from October/November 1th 2019. 

We are looking for a committed neurologist with interests in advanced headache treatment how vises to be in charge of our Headache Clinic. It is very important that you posse the right feeling and empathy when dealing with headache patients. You will get to work with the most advanced treating methods within headache diseases. 

We are a very well functioned Clinic of Headache, which is managed by a Responsible Consulting Doctor. The clinic receives patients from a large geographic area. To optimize the treatment the Clinic of Headache works closely together with the affiliated nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists. 

It is possible to treat with methods such as botox injections, GNO blockade, reference to our School of Headache in a multidisciplinary team and hopefully soon start treating with anti-CGRP means towards migraine. Because of our region function we are obligated to do research within the area and this is supported in the future. Further, commercial projects from the industry will be prioritized. 

You will, when the time is right, be offered to take a master education within the area of headache at Glostrup Hospital, Denmark. It is further expected that you use your 10 education days to participate in relevant meetings and congresses. 

Besides working in the Clinic of Headache, you will be expected to participate in the daily work at the department. There will be periods of two weeks in which you will be responsible for the wardrounds of 17 beds together with two younger doctors. One weekly thrombolysis shift during the daytime until 3.50 pm. After that time, you will be on a call in duty until the next morning. After a thrombolysis shift you will have an administration day. There will be a few outpatient departments’ duties at which you will examine general neurological patients and supervise younger doctors. 


The department is a well-functioned neurology department with our own top management. There are two wards connected; 17 neurology/stroke beds in Esbjerg and 26 neurorehabilitation beds in Grindsted. Additionally, we receive acute patients at the emergency department, where we have 10 single bedrooms. We are currently 12 consulting doctors and 10 younger doctors at the department, as well as two neuropsychologists, one headache psychologist and a part time neuro physiotherapist.

We are, in our district, responsible for headache, thrombolysis, neurorehabilitation, sclerosis treatment and neurogenic pain.

The department has approximately 300 treatments each year in Grindsted, 1000 releases from the ward in Esbjerg and 2000 from the emergency department. Furthermore, approximately 21.000 visit our outpatient clinic. 

The department is in continuously development regarding research, quality and education of our younger colleagues. 

Wage and employment conditions
Wage and employment conditions are set according to existing collective agreement. 

Highly-paid employees and researchers, who are recruited from foreign countries, may have the opportunity for a period of 84 months with a tax of nearly 32 percent, instead of making use of the normal Danish income tax.

Additional information 
Get more information about the position from Managing Consulting Doctor Allan Thimsen Pedersen, phone: +45 30355957 or e-mail:


We would like to hear from you before July 15th. 2019. Send your application and CV to Allan Thimsen Pedersen and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

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90 000.00 EUR per year

+457 222 3359

Full Time