Internal Medicine and Nephrology | Geriatrics double specialty position in Sweden

Internal Medicine and Nephrology | Geriatrics double specialty position in Sweden
Job Description


The region offers a remarkable living experience combining natural beauty and urban amenities. Nestled in southern Sweden, it showcases picturesque landscapes, charming coastal areas, and a rich cultural heritage. Meanwhile, the city located in the region is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with a fascinating history and a range of modern conveniences. The city is less than an hour away from Malmö and one hour and a half away from Copenhagen.


 The hospital provides emergency medical care and specialist medical services 24/7. The hospital covers a wide range of medical specialities and offers intensive care, childbirth, and neonatal care. They also operate and extend their services to multiple locations. The hospital is focused on continuous development and serves as a learning organization. Exciting research projects are conducted in various areas within the organization. The hospital plays a significant role in training future healthcare professionals, offering clinical training opportunities for students.

Main responsibilities and expectations 

  • The Hospital is searching for a double specialist in internal medicine and nephrology/geriatrics.
  • You will work at the hospital's internal medicine and nephrology inpatient ward. 

What's expected of you

  • To have medical and Internal Medicine/ nephrology/ geriatric specialist titles issued or recognized by the European Union.
  • To have a broad knowledge of internal medicine. Previous work from an inpatient ward preferably with nephrology patients is meritorious.
  • To show interest in teamwork and be willing to contribute to the clinic's development.
  • To be collaborative, flexible and socially competent.
  • To be able to complete the intensive Swedish language course, which is part of the MediCarrera program.


  • A free visit to see the place where you will live and work and meet future colleagues.
  • A free preparation and intensive language course.
  • A free intensive language course for partners and children of school age.
    Kindergarten for the youngest.
  • Free apartment at the course location for you and your family, all costs covered Flight tickets to the course location for the whole family.
  • A scholarship for the intensive language course of 800 € monthly.


  • We find you a place to live and help to register your children in a school or kindergarten.
  • We help you with practical matters, such as social security number, medical card, bank accounts, etc.
  • We help your spouse with sources for job search.
  • We contact the moving company and arrange the moving trip.
  • You receive an information package with practical details and a contact person to call in case of any problems.

Basic Requirements

*To be a specialist doctor/nurse/dentist with at least 2-3 years of experience and graduated from an EU university.

* To be an EU citizen or have an EU Long-term residence permit.

In case you are not an EU citizen:

* Your diploma has to be homologated in one of the EU countries.

* You need to have at least 2-3 years of experience in one of the EU countries after the title homologation.

* Long term residency from an EU country.

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