Nurses for United Kingdom

Nurses for United Kingdom
Job Description

We are actively recruiting qualified nurses from the EU for positions across the UK. We require a good level of English and a nursing bachelors degree, typically 4 years in duration.


  • Very good English
  • A Bachelor degree in Nursing
  • NMC registration (or prepared to start this process)  
  • Willingness to relocate to the UK within a maximum of 4 months
  • Passion and enthusiasm to help


● Accommodation up to 2 months                                                    ● Assistance with the NMC registration 

● Indicative salary £22.128 – £28.746                                               ● IELTS preparation course

● Permanent position with guaranteed work                                  ● Assistance with relocation details

● NHS pension, annual leave allowance and retention bonus                        

● Training and development with introduction package of support

What do mental health nurses do?

Mental health nurses are responsible for planning and providing support, medical and nursing care to people in a hospital, at home or in other settings who are suffering from mental illness. Mental health nurses work to combat stigma and help patients and their families deal with it, working as part of a team of professional and medical staff that includes doctors, social workers, therapists, and psychiatrists.

Daily duties, roles and responsibilities

No two mental health cases are ever the same, so the experience of a nurse's 'typical' day can vary greatly across individual cases. The daily duties of a mental health nurse cover a spectrum of tasks both practical and administrative such as:

  • The assessment of patients care needs
  • Planning patient's' ongoing care, including medical and therapeutic treatments
  • Agreeing and reviewing care plans and monitoring progress
  • Administering medication and medical treatments
  • Building relationships with, reassuring, listening, and talking to patients
  • Organising workloads
  • Liaising with doctors, nursing colleagues and other healthcare professionals
  • Working with patients' families, doctors, social workers and care workers to promote mental health awareness and ensure treatments and therapies are effective
  • Giving advice and arranging support for patients, relatives, and carers
  • Combating stigma and helping patients and their families deal with it

Mental health nurses work closely with patients who have mental health issues. They are experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating people with psychiatric problems. Mental health nurses work as part of a team to provide total medical care for the patient.

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