OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY | with free language course

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY | with free language course
Job Description

OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY - we're looking for specialist doctors.

  • Eksjö Hospital, Jönköping region


  • Free services
  • Individualized approach
  • Full guidance in recruitment
  • Free language course for you and family
  • Experienced teachers
  • Support in relocation and formal issues including Swedish medical licence
  • Over 20 years experience


  • Permanent job in a modern and friendly healthcare
  • Focus on patients
  • Work-life balance
  • Team work
  • Secure salary on one position
  • Professional development


  • Title of specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Education according to the EU standard
  • The work requires medical competence in the entire gynecological area as well as obstetrics. The activities at the clinic are: general gynecology, infertility, urological gynecology, dysplasia, oncology, ultrasound, outpatient care for women's health/adolescent, obstetrics and specialist maternity care.
  • We give you the opportunity to work independently within the subject areas, while at the same time you get to develop work areas yourself and participate in process work. As a specialist doctor in obstetrics and gynecology at the gynecological clinic, you get to work with varying tasks. We work a lot in teams and attach great importance to improvement work. As a specialist doctor, you collaborate with other clinics in the region and the gynecological clinic in Linköping. Duties are included.
  • Enjoying working in a team. Calm and stable with the ability to make correct assessments and priorities even in stressful or pressing situations. Each day at work is different and it is important that you are comfortable in rapidly changing circumstances and have the ability to plan and structure your work while taking into account the best interests of the clinic.
  • B driver's license.
  • Supervision of colleagues, medical students and family medicine doctors on their additional trainings.



  • The work requires medical competence in the entire gynecological area as well as obstetrics. The activities the clinic handles are general gynecology, infertility, urological gynecology, dysplasia, oncology, ultrasound, women's health/adolescent clinic, obstetrics and specialist maternity care.
  • The aim of the clinic is to offer the woman and her partner the best possible care during pregnancy, childbirth and gynecological diseases and to promote sexual health.
  • We offer good, safe and accessible care with high medical competence, both in preventive women's health care and in pregnancy, childbirth, gynecological diseases and adolescent reproductive health. We want to do the best for those we are there for. The gynecological clinic at Höglandssjukhuset Eksjö has an emergency unit with deliveries working around the clock. Every year we welcome around 1250 children into the world.
  • Region Jönköping County works for a good life in an attractive region. Our main tasks are public health, healthcare and dental care as well as regional development and growth. We are the county's largest employer with approximately 10,000 employees in about a hundred occupations. The hospital of Höglandssjukhuset Eksjö in Region Jönköping County offers a pleasant and cooperative environment with a wide range of activities and good results both medically and in terms of accessibility. Quality and cooperation are the keywords. We are approx. 1,600 employees who work at Höglandssjukhuset Eksjö and take care of approx. 115,000 inhabitants.

Salary: Six-month introductory period: temporary employment as a medical assistant with a salary of SEK 55,000 gross income/month (EUR 4600 gross, EUR 3300 net). During this time, there is language skills development and on-the-job introduction. 

After the introductory period and obtaining the Swedish license to practice and the title of specialist, transition to permanent employment with a new salary, established individually at the level of a specialist doctor. The salaries are established individually, according to regional policies and doctor’s experience and education. The contract is a full-time contract with full contributions, insurance paid by the employer. Employment with the public sector gives additional retirement plans with benefits for the family. Average specialist doctor salary in Sweden - SEK 86 000 gross / month (SEK 54 000 net = ca. EUR 4600 net).

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