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The Department of Clinical Pathology of the hospital is one of the country's largest pathology departments. The main task is to study cell and tissue samples, which are often of crucial importance in being able to diagnose patients correctly. It offers effective and good pathological-anatomical diagnostics for the public hospitals, as well as for private doctors in the admission area.

The department also performs autopsies of patients who die in or outside the hospital upon request from a physician.

Candidates need good communication skills and work well with colleagues and staff in a multidisciplinary way. Candidates must have experience in the specialty from hospital operations with tasks that can be considered similar to those handled in Norwegian hospitals. Candidates must be able to guide and supervise physicians in specialization and must actively participate in the department's in-house training for the various professional groups. The department is looking specifically for specialists with experience in general pathology. Interest in or desire for specialization in special subject areas such as molecular pathology, clinical cytology, gynecological and mamma pathology or gastrointestinal pathology is desirable.


 min. 1.000.000 NOK gross/year (approx. 56.000 NOK net monthly) as a senior consultant

 4 months of educational leave each 5 years

 Maternity leave: 42 weeks with 100% salary or up to 12 months with 80% of salary

 Reduction of taxes for foreigners up to the first 2 years


 Specialist title recognized in the EU

 EU citizenship

 Good teamwork, reliability, responsibility, flexibility

 Ability to complete the Norwegian intensive language course organised by Paragona


 Free of charge trip to Norway with your spouse before signing the contract 

 Permanent contract of employment

 Adaptation and training period within working hours upon arrival in Norway 

 Support with authorization of your medical diploma in Norway 

 Support with finding an apartment, schools, kindergartens 

 Free of charge Norwegian language course

 Free accommodation, flights and lunches during the stationary course 

 Scholarship in the amount of 800 € net per month 

 Free of charge online language training for family members 

 Entitlement to Norwegian retirement

 Generous relocation package


Due to the current situation, all the interviews are set up online!






100 000 EUR per year


Full Time



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