Pharmacist retail

Pharmacist retail
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What effect do medication and medicine have on the human body?

A pharmacist is working on this on a daily basis. A pharmacist is the specialist in the field of medicines and medication. The function of pharmacist is extremely versatile, every day is different. You advise, research and contribute to developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Curious about the work of a pharmacist and whether this profession suits you? We explain everything for you!

What does a pharmacist do?

As a pharmacist, you are responsible for preparing and providing medicines to patients. You have a broad medical knowledge and explain to patients, general practitioners or specialists how medicines can best be used. You often work together with general practitioners, specialists and pharmaceutical employees. In addition to providing information and advice, you are involved in managing pharmacy assistants and conducting pharmaceutical research. You are also involved in the development of new medicines and their registration. As a pharmacist, you bear a great responsibility within the pharmacy. You have a leadership role and it is important that you can work accurately.

You need a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and Master's in Pharmacy. Before you can officially start as a pharmacist, it is mandatory to register in the BIG register. It states what you can and may do as a pharmacist and what powers you have. As a public pharmacist, you are a medical specialist. The professional title for public pharmacist is protected by law; If you are registered in the Specialist Register of Public Pharmacy, you can officially call yourself a pharmacist.

Working environment pharmacist

As a pharmacist you can work at different locations. You can work in a public pharmacy, in a hospital or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Working in the public pharmacy:

At a public pharmacy you can think of the pharmacy near you. This pharmacy takes care of patients in primary health care and often receives prescriptions from general practices. As a pharmacist in a public pharmacy, you will work closely with GPs, specialists and pharmacy assistants to ensure patients are getting the right medicine.

What does a pharmacist earn?

Your salary as a pharmacist depends on how much work experience you have gained and whether you are a managing pharmacist or a second pharmacist. In the collective labour agreement, you increase a salary scale per year of service. The starting salary of an employed pharmacist is between € 3,105 and increases to € 3,245 per month. As a managing pharmacist, your starting salary is between € 3,979 and € 4,159 per month. This is a 40-hour working week. You can also choose to manage your own pharmacy, you are then an independent pharmacist. This means that you are responsible for the turnover and costs of the pharmacy. The average income is between € 70,000 and € 80,000 gross per year, depending on how well the pharmacy runs.

What employment conditions apply to a pharmacist?

The terms and conditions of employment for a pharmacist are laid down in the VDA (Association of Pharmacists in Employment) and the WZOA (Employers' Association of Independent Public Pharmacists). These parties form the collective labour agreement for pharmacists. The collective labour agreement stipulates that the salary and salary scales will be structurally increased. As of September 1, 2021, it has been increased by 2.25% and as of January 1, 2022, it will be increased by 0.5%.

Function characteristics:

• You will work in the province of Limburg • The pharmacy is located in the centre of the city and has as customers Dutch and Germans • The team consists of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants • You are customer-friendly and flexible • You are a good communicator • Knowledge of the English language is required • Knowledge of the German language is an advantage

EMTG offers help:

• Learning the Dutch language at level B2 • Registering as a pharmacist in the BIG register • Registering as a Pharmacist in the specialists register of the KNMP

Career opportunities

• Working as an independent pharmacist • Training opportunities • Become the owner of your own pharmacy

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