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Physiotherapist for France

Moving People - European Relocation Services with a Plus

Moving People is one of the pioneer and expert in the European relocation for all professions in the healthcare sector. We select, prepare, install and accompany European healthcare professionals, with or without experience, to practice their art in Belgium or in France.

Created in 2005, we are operating in Belgium, France, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland. In 13 years of experience and thanks to our 300 medical partners, we have already accompanied more than 1400 healthcare professionals in their expatriation.

Physiotherapist for FRANCE

Moving People has negotiated special working conditions for you:Ø 1st year of work – @ 1.700 € net per month:

- Long-term contract
- Full-time hospital employee (35 hours per week)
- Learning process: How to work as a French physiotherapist in France? Complete and smooth integration in your new living and working place. 25 annual leaves (+ professional trainings in option)

As from 2nd year of work: possibility to combine hospital and independent cabinet for 2.300€ net per month:

Employee: 25 hours per week Independent: 15 hours per week

So, you will cumulate the job security of a hospital employee, with the experience and revenue of an independent physiotherapist.


- With or without experience
- To have a B2 level in French (courses provided by Moving People)ü Willing to relocate for more than 1 year

Moving People


1 700.00 EUR per month

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