Private elderly Care assistant - Carer

We are looking for nurses or assistant nurses to work in private elderly care in Denmark.


  1. To support elderly couples or singles in their private homes with smaller worktasks and social interactions.

  1. A set weekly schedule will be set with the individual elderly (or the elderlys family) but typically 20H / week

  1. For (EU) registered nurses wishing to register in Denmark and learn the language


  1. To manage minor tasks in the home as cleaning and light gardening where relevant – e.g. lawnmowing (typically 3-5 h/week) as well as shopping (online and physical) on behalf of the elderly and cooking 2-3 times per week - for microwave the other days (typically 4-6h/week).

  1. Help the elderly keep a physical and social life by assisting in smaller local transportation to cafes, cinemas etc as well as going for walks and having social interaction with the elderly and as relevant – on request of the elderly – organize socializing with friends of the elderly app 10h /week (all activities at the elderly’s expense after prior alignment with the family)

  1. The private elderly care assistant will also be the contact to the family of the elderly assuring that the elderly is getting the care and medicine agreed with the public authorities app 1h/week


  • Typically – but as agreed - there will not be any distribution of medicine or cleaning of the elderly (normally provided by the local authorities if mandated). 


  • The compensation will be agreed directly between the elderly and the elderly care assistant but the recommendation is employment for 20 hours is compensated by board and lodging + minimum 550 EUR per month. 
  • If a secondary elderly care or child care employment is pursued/achieved without board and lodging it is recommended at 750 EUR per month for 20h 
  • Note the compensation is taxable. It is the responsibility of the elderly care assistant to report the income to the relevant authorities. 


The expectations is that the nurse will be taking Danish language courses and pursue registration in that period. 

From July 2020 the Danish authorities again offer Free Danish lessons (conditions apply) to foreigners with a working contract in Denmark

Contracts will generally be open-ended but expected for 9-18 with running month 

2 weeks notice from employee and running month + 1 months notice from employer


SEWN International Specialists Recruiting




550 - 750 EUR per month


Part Time



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