Radiographer position for Sweden


  • The radiology clinic has 26 doctors, 36 radiographers, 16 assistant nurses, 12 medical secretaries and administrative employees. The radiology clinic works actively 24-hour/day.
  • The hospital's catchment area is approx. 150 000 inhabitants

General information:

  • You will work with computed tomography, bones and lungs, screening intervention, ultrasound and MRI. They have 3 MR cameras from Siemens, 3 DT machines from Canon, 5 conventional labs, including a lung laboratory, 1 screening lab from Siemens, 1 interventional/angiolab combines with a DT from Canon and 3 ultrasound labs.
  • Examinations per year, approximately:

                DT: 23 000

                MRI: 7800

                Bones and Thoracic: 41 000

                Ultra sound: 8400

                Approx. 50% is acute or sub-acute examinations. 

What’s expected of you:

  • The working hours will be days, evenings and nights.
  • You will perform both emergency and elective examinations on a daily basis.
  • You need to be responsible, flexible and have a friendly approach towards both colleagues and patients.


  • Before receiving the license to practice you will work as an assistant nurse. Monday – Friday 07.15 – 16.15 with 45 minutes for lunch.
  • After receiving the license to practice you will start with duties. During the night, you are always two radiographers and you will work actively with examinations during night shifts.
  • Salary as an assistant nurse while waiting for the license: 25.800 SEK per month. 


  • A free visit to see the place where you will live and work and meet future colleagues.
  • A free preparing and intensive language course.
  • A free intensive language course for partners and children in school age. Kindergarten for the youngest.
  • Free apartment at the course location for you and your family, all costs covered (electricity, gas, water and WiFi).
  • Flight tickets to the course location for the whole family.
  • A scholarship for the intensive language course of 600 € monthly.
  • Generous relocation package, including flight tickets and transportation of goods.


  • We find you a place to live and help to register your children in a school or kindergarten.
  • We help you with practical matters, such as social security number, medical card, bank accounts, etc.
  • We help your spouse with sources for job search.
  • We contact with the moving company and arrange the moving trip to Sweden.
  • You receive an information package with practical details and a contact person to call in case of any problems. 


MediCarrera S.L.




25 800 SEK per month


Full Time



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