Senior Consultant in Family Medicine, Sweden

General job description
Main responsibilities of the GPs in Sweden differ from most other EU countries in that it includes
tasks that require a deeper knowledge of diagnostics and treatment of health problems in all ages.
This means that the main body of people with the larger common diseases and health problems,
including mental disorders, have been in medical contact solely with general practitioners. A
further difference is that the district nurses and other professionals in Sweden perform duties that
in some other EU countries are performed by doctors only. Another possibly distinctive approach to
their daily work is the fact that Swedish patients expect participation and information to a greater
extent than in some other EU countries.
Main responsibilities of the GPs in Sweden include giving priority on the basis of medical urgency.
Switching between short acute visits, longer dialogues and home visits, and monitoring over a long
period of time an individual's various health problems as well as assessing and taking into account
the person's entire living situation. At the primary healthcare clinics there is usually equipment for
minor surgery and various types of examinations, which in many other countries are carried out in
hospitals or specialist clinics. Adequate referral to other specialists is therefore only referrals for
issues in which special equipment is required or in an unusual or difficult to treat condition, in
which another specialist is necessary.
The work also includes basic child and maternal health care, preventive and rehabilitative work,
administrative duties and writing various certificates. Medical liability for special residents (often for
people with neurological damage or developmental disabilities), and nursing and care homes are
common. The work is done in collaboration with other professionals, in co-operation with additional
authorities and other agencies in the community. Training and supervision of medical students at
all educational levels, from undergraduate to specialist training and with students in other health
care professions is an important task.

During the trial period the gross salary will be 65 000 SEK/month. After successful completion of the six
month trial period, the salary will be negotiated individually, the minimum gross salary will be 70 000
When you can work as a senior doctor, the minimum gross salary will be 76 000 SEK/month. The
salary will be negotiated individually depending on the doctor’s experience and ability to work
independently, based on the workplace's specific salary criteria.
Additional benefits
- Relocation coverage of up to 50 000 SEK per household.
- Participation in Landstinget Sörmlands introduction program including various trainings and courses.
- The standard terms and conditions regarding employment benefits (pension, insurance, etc) as agreed
between the County Council Sörmland and the Swedish Medical Association.
- Specialization in Family Medicine
- Ability to complete the Swedish language course organised by Paragona
- Personal qualities:
* Very good communication skills
* Concerned about quality and innovation
* Good collaboration skills with patients and staff
We offer
- Permanent contract after 6 months of trial period
- Very attractive salary (see above)
- Adaptation period upon arrival in Sweden
- Free of charge online and/or stationary language course
- Free accomodation, flights, lunches and stipend money
- Online language course for spouses and children
- Support with authorization of your specialization in Sweden
- Support with finding an apartment, schools and kindergartens






7 600 EUR per month


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