Specialist Doctor – Pédiatre for Belgium

Regional university hospital, located in the Walloon region of the country, is looking for Specialist
Pediatric Doctor, for the Pediatric Department with 26 beds and 14 colleagues specialized on different
The Hospital has 180 specialist doctors and 1300 employees at your service.
On a daily basis, the teams welcome you and support you within the services of the hospital site, during
your consultation appointments in policlinics, sampling centers or health centers, but also within
What we offer:

Undetermend period of time contract, minim 2 years
Revenue between 9600 – 12.000 gross income plus gardes

What you need:
· Specialist Doctor diploma obtained in a European country
· European nationality or long-term residency permit in any European country
· Desire to relocate for a long-term in Belgium
How we help you:
· We work with you to define your personal and professional goals
· We realize that every candidate and his or her needs are unique
· We provide our full support throughout the process linking you to the right position
· Language training available online – french language
· We organize interviews and working visits
· We arrange for transportation and accommodation


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9 600 EUR per month


Full Time



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