Specialist in Geritrics

About the job and requirements:

Specialist Geriatrics, preferably with an interest in rehabilitation. The job is planned to mainly be located in the inpatient care.

You must have worked with multi-ill elderly people, with complex complex and / or rapidly changing care and care needs. Happy working with rehabilitation.

About the ward and the workplace:

We are a care department with 12 - 14 care beds, of which 8 are geriatric rehab and 4 are emergency geriatric. In the department there are doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists. When needs arise, we also have access to a speech therapist, dietician and counselor.

In the department there is a specialist and usually 2 medical doctors. The specialist has the main responsibility for all patients while the doctors divide the patients between them. Working hours are weekdays from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

We have pharmacists in the department 1 day a week who assist with drug reviews and participate in the rounds if necessary.

We have a situation-oriented way of working, which means a total care for the elderly multi- sick. Treatment is based on the individual's needs. Training takes place in everyday situations and aims to make the patient as independent as possible.

The department strives to work closely with patients, relatives and other care providers.

Patients can be admitted via the emergency room, from other care units or directly from the home / accommodation via family physicians.

We have a progressive approach to geriatric care and work with the assessment and management of our patients according to CGA.

There is also a memory reception attached to our clinic, which is located in another part of the hospital. We also have a memory reception in Hudiksvall. We have no doctors on duty in the evenings and nights, but during the weekends the specialists take turns rounding the department. At other times, the nurse may, if necessary, seek medical advice.

At Memory Reception, different types of dementia are investigated and diagnosed on referral from primary care and outpatient care. At the reception are doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and, if necessary, counselors and neuropsychologists.

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