Sports radiologist, Denmark

Sports radiologist, Denmark
Job Description

Sports radiologist! We need you!

Musculoskeletal radiology – Are you a radiologist highly specialized within radiology and interdisciplinary collaboration? Should you be interested in advancing the field of imaging diagnostics at our department of radiology and joining a collaboration with our Institute of Sports Medicine?

You will join our professionally competent panel of doctors, which consists of consultant physicians, attending physicians/intern physicians and resident physicians. Our resident physicians are educated in Hjoerring, but sporadically join our team in Frederikshavn. 

Our department is characterized by a high standard of professionalism among all our working groups, and we cultivate an excellent inter retaliatory teamwork both within and outside our department. We practice an uniform hierarchy within our organization, and we have an excellent work environment with cheerful working days. 

In addition to the departmental work with imaging diagnostics you will be joining a collaboration with our Institute of Sports Medicine. Sports medicine is a newly created unit at North Denmark Regional Hospital, Department of Radiology in Frederikshavn. The institute has succeeded in recruiting a number of national and international experts in sports medicine. You will be joining a multidisciplinary team consisting of rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, general practitioners, specialized physicians in sports medicine and physiotherapists. Collectively coming from a background in the world of elite sports and using their knowledge in the examinations and treatments of sport related injuries with elite sports people and exercisers. The institute is dependable on diagnostics imaging, where musculoskeletal ultrasound is an integrated part of clinical examinations. We hope to integrate a radiologists with musculoskeletal competence in MRI at the institute of sports medicine with regard to expanding the multidisciplinary team, the daily sparring, conference review, research, progress and optimizing the diagnostic imaging field. 

Are you specialized within diagnostic radiology with a broad education, preferably with competence within the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computerized tomography (CT), we should be happy to hear from you. 

Our department expect you to:

Value high professional standard
Function well in a patient-oriented department which provide our patients with an effective patient flow.
Participate in a beneficial cooperation both mono disciplinary and interdisciplinary while respecting the individual.
Thrive in a busy and transitional day.
Participate in maintaining a high functional working environment.
Our department can offer you:

An active department which value new and fresh ideas and further development.
Flexible organization of your work hours considering the needs of the work place and your ambitions. 
A working day without shifts.
Individual course of study resources made available by the Management of the Hospital making participation in relevant scientific meetings, lectures and congresses (incorporating 10 annual days). 
About our department:

Our department of radiology in Frederikshavn is an elective unit with a dynamic and well-functioning environment.
Our apparatus park is fully contemporary and of high standard. The department consists of digital translucency imaging, Dual Energy CT scans (multislice spectral CT) and a color Doppler ultrasound.  
Furthermore, the department have an 1,5 Tesla whole body Phillips MRI and a 1,5 Tesla GE MRI of the extremities. The department is completely digital with region-wide RIS/PACS system (Radiology Information System/Picture Archiving and Communication System), and all examinations are fully available within the region. The department are regionally specialized in CT-colonography. 
Our activity in 2021 consisted of approximately 52.000 examinations, whereof approximately 13.400 was CT examinations and around 2.000 ultrasound examinations. The annual production of MRI examinations were 6.000 in 2021. 

The research activity of the department is handled locally in cooperation with other specialized departments. 

The department of radiology in Frederikshavn has a close cooperation with the equivalent department in Hjoerring, mainly regarding CT and MRI examinations. We perform approximately 10.000 annual mammography screenings. The imaging examinations are scrutinized by radiologists in Aalborg. 

You can read more about North Denmark Regional Hospital and our department at:

Description and roles of employment can be requested upon inquiry.

Salary and terms of employment is determined according to relevant working conditions, see “Collective agreement for doktors” or “Collective agreement for junior doctors”, collective agreement entered into between The Danish Regions and The Danish Medical Association.

Application deadline is the 6th of February 2023.


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