Staff Specialist or Medical Consultant Department of Cardiology and Endocrinology


We are looking for one or more cardiology consultants or staff specialists who would like to be part of a large, active and busy cardiology department. 

Our goal is to be the best at treating the most common conditions in our patients. In order to achieve this goal, we need more committed cardiologists. It will be possible for you to be assigned to responsibility for the fields that interest you and/or have focus on patient categories that you find particularly interesting. 

You will therefore have a good opportunity to contribute to the development in the Department. If you are interested in research, you may have time allocated for this, perhaps in the form of part-time research employment. If you are interested in any particular form of continuing medical education, it will also be possible for you to attend this, and we are flexible in relation to work organisation and part-time positions. 

We are open to good ideas and would very much like to develop cardiology within our fields, and our large patient intake provides fantastic opportunities for professional development. 

A high professional standard and quality are top priorities with us.
Your daytime tasks will only involve cardiology in the form of ward rounds in the Department of Cardiology or outpatient tasks in the broad sense (doctor/patient conversations, echocardiography, cardiac CT or MRI, supervision of nurses etc.). 

You will be included in the cardiac on-call function, which handles cardiac problems throughout the hospital. The cardiac on-call function was established in the autumn of 2017.

 It is a 24-hour shift with attendance up until approx. 21:00 with subsequent on-call duty from home. A duty room is made available to you if you live far away. In addition to the cardiologist on call, the duty team in the Department consists of a 24-hour registrar on duty and a physician on call in a 24-hour on-site duty that is covered together with Medicine 

1.Cardiology function
The Department has extensive outpatient cardiological activity with a total of 15,000 visits per year. There is basis for more extensive outpatient activity as we currently have to refer quite a few outpatients to other hospitals. The Department handles all cardiology at main function level, and there are large outpatient units . 

We have new equipment for echocardiography, including 4D and TEE (transesophageal echocardiography). We have performed cardiac CT for many years and would like to implement clinical cardiac MRI. We have a heart failure clinic and an atrial fibrillation clinic and several trained echo technicians. We perform the usual examinations within arrhythmia diagnostics (Holter and R test) as well as exercise test and 24-hour blood pressure.

We have two cardiology wards with a total of 48 beds with telemetric options installed at each bed. The wards have just been relocated to a brand new, modern ward building. There are currently about 16 admissions per day.
We would very much like to prioritise research in the Department. The Department is already involved in a good deal of pharmaceutical industry-based research, and we have several research nurses. 

Currently, we have three PhD students in the Department and more are on the way. 

The Department is very active within thrombo-cardiology and echocardiography research. In addition, we have a Research Associate Professor who primarily carries out research in diabetes. 

We would very much like to do more cardiology research.

We expect:

That you are interested in leaving your mark on the Department with high professional standards and commitment
That you will contribute to a good interdisciplinary collaboration
That you participate in the supervision and training of junior doctors, nurses and medical student

We offer:

A challenging job at a high professional level
Good research opportunities
Possibility of being assigned responsibilities within your areas of interest
The opportunity to contribute to driving the development in the Department
An ever-changing, challenging and varied workday in a multidisciplinary collaborative environment in which openness and mutual respect are highly valued.

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90 000.00 EUR per year

+457 222 3359

Full Time