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HUNGARY Spring Edition 2023 | Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the largest cities in European harmony.

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CROATIA Spring Edition 2023 | Zagreb

As usual, the Zagreb event was a great success, and medical professionals of all types and specialties joined our event.

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ROMANIA Spring Edition 2023 | Iași & Bucharest

Candidates are attending EXPOMEDICS Career Fairs to meet with healthcare organizations and learn about career opportunities.

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ROMANIA Spring Edition 2023 | Timișoara & Cluj Napoca

EXPOMEDICS is Romania’s largest medical career fair, bringing together the best employers and thousands of candidates from across Romania.

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BULGARIA Spring 2023 | Plovdiv & Sofia

Below you can find a few pictures from our latest EXPOMEDICS Career Fairs in Bulgaria| Sofia and Plovdiv.

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GREECE Spring 2023 | Athens & Thessaloniki

EXPOMEDICS is Greece's most considerable medical career fair dedicated to the health market.

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