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EXPOMEDICS Croatia 2022 | Zagreb

We aim to make it a smooth and easy process for medical professionals and students to attend our international fairs;...

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EXPOMEDICS Italy 2022 | Bologna & Rome

EXPOMEDICS Career Fairs from Italy - Spring Edition 2022 was held in Bologna and Rome.

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EXPOMEDICS Greece 2022 | Thessaloniki & Athens

GREECE it is one of the locations in which you can meet with high qualified medical professionals, looking for jobs opportunities in different countries from Europe and not only.

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EXPOMEDICS Bulgaria 2022 | Plovdiv & Sofia

Bulgaria was our second location for the In-Person EXPOMEDICS Career Fairs in this Spring Edition 2022.

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EXPOMEDICS Romania 2022 | Iasi & Bucharest

Iasi and Bucharest completed the list of cities hosting our Career Fairs in Romania during the Spring Edition 2022.

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EXPOMEDICS Romania 2022 | Timișoara & Cluj Napoca

Our first two locations that we visited in Romania were the cities Timisoara and Cluj Napoca. Timisoara and Cluj Napoca was the...

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