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EXPOMEDICS Romania 2022 | Iasi & Bucharest

Iasi and Bucharest completed the list of cities hosting our Career Fairs in Romania during the Spring Edition 2022.

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EXPOMEDICS Romania 2022 | Timișoara & Cluj Napoca

Our first two locations that we visited in Romania were the cities Timisoara and Cluj Napoca. Timisoara and Cluj Napoca was the...

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EXPOMEDICS Portugal 2022 | Coimbra, Porto & Lisboa

Our EXPOMEDICS Career Fairs from Portugal took place in three of the most important cities: Coimbra, Porto and the capital of the country Lisboa.

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EXPOMEDICS Spain 2022 | Barcelona & Madrid

Spain was our first country visited in Spring 2022 and was as usually a place where we have met hundreds of valuable...

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EXPOMEDICS Hungary 2021 | Budapest

Our last stop from the Autumn Edition 2021| In-Person fairs was Hungary: Budapest was the city that we have visited in our journey.

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EXPOMEDICS Croatia 2021 | Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia , was again a great location to visit and organise the EXPOMEDICS In-Person Job Fairs.

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