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EXPOMEDICS Greece 2021 | Athens & Thessaloniki

Greece handled exceptionally well the coronavirus crisis and we were able to organise our EXPOMEDICS In-Person Job Fairs.

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EXPOMEDICS Bulgaria 2021 | Sofia & Plovdiv

Bulgaria was our second location for the In-Person EXPOMEDICS events in this Autumn Edition 2021.

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EXPOMEDICS Romania 2021| Iasi & Bucharest

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation from across Europe and beyond, our Autumn 2021 Agenda was a mix of VFairs and In-Person events.

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ExpoMedics Job Fair PORTUGAL - Coimbra & Porto & Lisboa

The ExpoMedics Events organized in Portugal are among the most efficient medical recruiting job fairs that we organize.In Portugal, we organize our...

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ExpoMedics Job Fair SPAIN - Barcelona & Madrid

In the AUTUMN Edition, 2019 Spain was the second country that we visited, Spanish healthcare professionals have proved to be motivated...

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ExpoMedics Job Fair LITHUANIA - Kaunas & Vilnius

Lithuania is one of the countries where medical professionals are keen to find out more about new job opportunities abroad.ExpoMedics events...

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