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We are recruiting for all our Nursing Homes which are  across 5 counties in Ireland including:


At Brookhaven Healthcare, our goal is always to provide a safe & secure home for our Residents. We operate five nursing homes across Ireland, which are guided by the same core values and approaches to care, each with its own unique environment. All our nursing homes are purpose built, and 85% of the rooms are single occupancy ensuite.

Brookhaven Healthcare’s management team, led by our CEO and Chairman, Tim Murphy, has more than 40 years of combined experience in managing nursing homes. We are committed to exceptional care as well as community engagement & enhanced living experiences.

Our Vision
To deliver a person-centred, professional care in an environment that supports mental, spiritual and emotional enrichment, as well as helping residents to stay active and engaged with friends & families, recreational activities and the wider community.

Our Mission
To provide a safe & caring home for our residents where each individual’s dignity, independence and physical wellbeing are protected, and where they feel supported in maintaining a lifestyle compatible with their personal preferences in our vibrant community.

Our Seven Principles of Care
 Searching, Listening & Learning

You search for a lifestyle filled with experiences to enjoy. We listen to you and your family to learn what works best and develop our services to you in a spirit of openness and transparency so as to create a quality of life experience that enhances your wellbeing.
 Embracing Change

We are committed to innovation that improves your lifestyle, lived experiences and quality of care.
 Respecting your Rights

Your right to make independent decisions about your care is always respected and upheld. Your input will always be sought, and you will enjoy freedom of choice and support in the choices, preferences and wishes you make known to us.

 A Vibrant Community

At the heart of our individually tailored living experience is a unique community created by our Residents, their families and our local communities that fosters meaningful connections and relationships.

 Investing In Our People

Our employees are pivotal in developing and delivering a high-quality care and living environment for our Residents. We support our staff through unique reward structures, investing in their continual education and in creating opportunities for career progression.

 Care of Residents Living With Dementia

All Staff will work with you and on behalf of you and your family to keep memories alive, foster connections, encourage self-expression and allow you to stay engaged with your surroundings.

 Enhanced Living Experiences

We believe that life in a nursing home is just another phase of your life to be lived and enjoyed as much as all others. We are committed to making this a reality for everyone in our care.

We have Nursing Homes across 5 counties in Ireland including:

  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • Mayo
  • Laois
  • Kilkenny

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