Centro Medico Santagostino

Milan, Italy

0039 028 9701419

Centro Medico Santagostino is the first provider in Italy in introducing a new health care model based on delivering high-quality services at an affordable price. Founded in Milan in 2009, Centro Medico Santagostino has the mission of providing high-quality specialized care, economically feasible for everybody and capable of delivering those services that are currently poorly supported from the National Healthcare System - such as Dentistry, Psycotherapy and SLP, among others - where providers are almost exclusively private and prices are, on average, very high. Another important goal is to answer to our patients' relational needs, building a strong doctor-patient relationship based on active listening and mutual trust. In order to achieve this, we guarantee an adequate time for visits and the possibility for our patients to choose their preferred doctor, in order to maintain an optimal continuity of care. Our team of professionals, from doctors to customer care specialists, is dedicated to deliver the best health care experience available.