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The employment agency “CT-MED” has been assisting medical applicants ( physicians and pharmacist) with establishing in Germany since 2010.                                                                  Our services are free of charge for the candidates and have great success rates.

We are specialized on mediating health care professionals (m/f) living in central and eastern Europe to find a workplace in hospitals and other medical establishments in Germany.

We will guide you through the entire process and help you achieve your goals.

Completely free of charge!

After we assess your current situation and needs in an initial consultation, we will be happy to become your loyal partner throughout the entire process which involves:

- completing and submitting documents, 

- organizing your work shadowing in German hospitals, 

- target-oriented preparing for the required language test, 

- attaining your license to practice medicine, 

- and finding work in a hospital or medical practice in Germany that fits your preferences.

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