Echipa Recrutare Medicover

Echipa Recrutare Medicover

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Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider that committed significant human and financial resource to build a bespoke, highly capable and flexible operating platform.

 In Romania, Medicover stays to be the only healthcare services provider with international experience, proven to be a solid and a sustainable one. 

In 23 years, Medicover successfully developed its presence on the healthcare services market, based on both organic growth - using our trusted brands and premium quality services and through selective acquisitions with complementary, innovative services and capabilities. 

Now, approaching the end of 2018, Medicover has an extended operating network of 38 clinics in Bucharest and in the main areas and cities within Romania (Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, Iași, Ploiești, Brașov, Galați, Pitești, Constanța and Oltenia areas) and two general hospitals (in Bucharest and Oradea). 

What makes us successful is our team of highly qualified specialists, that are passionate about their job, working together and striving at their best to accomplish our mission: improving people health and wellbeing.