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Europework - We build bridges between people and countries and continents.

Europework is a German mediation agency for foreign doctors that is located in Germany. We gladly assist and advise you in finding a suitable position as a resident medical doctor in Germany. We also provide help in finding internships and arrange (online) language courses held by excellent languages schools. Given the current circumstances due to COVID-19, the language courses will be held solely online for an indefinite period of time. 

Our German language courses provide you with both a general and a medical C1 language competency. Both are needed to pass the “Fachsprachenprüfung” (technical language examination) which is your requirement to perceive the “Approbation” (full license to practise medicine in Germany). 

We accompany our client smoothly through the forest of laws, which can slightly differ depending on the state the health-authorities are located. We offer our clients access to the German health system and accompany them on their way to become a resident medical doctor in Germany and signing a working contract with a suitable hospital.

We work all over Germany in every state with every hospital that pays a salary according to the collective bargaining agreements. We feel especially proud of our continuous collaboration with several world-renowned hospitals located in Germany.

We are always looking for medical doctors who want to specialize in anaesthesia, internal medicine, neurology, surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics psychiatry and more!

Our support is free of costs so please send us your CV.