Holalemania GmbH

Holalemania GmbH

0049 152 53975847

Holalemania takes on the role of intermediary between German companies looking for employees from all over Europe and those who wish to move to Germany to find new job opportunities.

We specialise in the medical and health sector, and the majority of our clients are public hospitals and private clinics.

Our strength lies in the affinity we have to our candidates who we know in person and are in constant contact with. This means that we know what is really important to our candidates before they have even arrived in Germany, during the language course or after the move and thus how we can meet their needs.

We can only guarantee this type of service thanks to the comprehensive assistance and close support we provide from the country of origin. Afterwards, thanks to our team of native speakers on site, we look after everything to do with the move and their integration in Germany.

We are always on hand, for employers too, preparing the company’s team, for example, to welcome their new arrivals and deal with their new situation. We are also there, however, in case of any problems in the department or simply when they need linguistic support to communicate with their new employees.