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Sewn International Specialists Recruiting

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SEWN International Specialist Recruiting has taken its name based on its Purpose: To facilitate the market mechanism allocating professional personnel from countries with oversupply (currently countries in the South East (SE) of Europe, to countries where the need and demand for specialists is high and cannot be covered by the domestic supply (such as the Western and Northern (WN) European countries in the E.U. Thus SE→WN. 

Further SEWN provides the proper consultancy and tailor fitted approach (“SEWN” approach) to clients and candidates alike. 

In SE Europe there is generally a high level of technical education but given the economic development the countries experience high unemployment and low pay for even highly educated specialists. In NW Europe there is generally also a high level of education but the number of highly educated specialists of certain sectors (hereunder the medical) has not been enough to cover the demand. 

The general re-allocation of resources given differences in demand and supply across regions is in Economic Theory supposed to be managed by the price (/salary) differences and market mechanism prompting people to seek employment where there is demand. 

In reality there is naturally a number of barriers why the market mechanism does not work effectively without support. Such barriers are – among other – linguistic and cultural barriers, administrative barriers, the hassle of moving to the unknown and pure lack of knowledge of the opportunities. 

Due to our understanding of the languages and cultures of both the candidate (SE) and well as the client (NW) markets as well as how to deal with the administrative barriers (work permit, acceptance of professional qualifications etc.) and our ability to significantly reduce the hassle of the process for both candidates and clients SEWN has a clear role in overcoming these barriers and creating a win-win-win situation for all parties. S

EWN partners with other recruiting agencies in Europe and will – upon acceptance from a candidate which we request when you sign up – share candidate profiles if we believe this will enhance the ability of finding the correct employment opportunity for the specific candidate. Within our partnership we share multiple years of experience in recruiting and consulting and our results driven philosophy guarantees excellent results for clients and candidates alike. 

Whether employer (client) or candidate we are committed in standing by your side all the way throughout the process and aspire to make the whole process of finding a candidate for your position or a position for you as a candidate a pleasant experience.