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tandlægen.dk is Denmark's largest chain of dentists. It is our goal to be known as Denmark’s most professional dental chain. We want to secure that we at any time can offer our patients modern and up-to-date treatments, with the use of new technologies and methods of treatment.

Dentist Niels Madsen has for a long time had a desire to become part of a larger dental community, which could lead to elevate professionalism, ensure possibilities for development for the individual, and work towards implementation of new technological possibilities. In 2015, Niels Madsen takes the first steps to attract investors, who could participate in establishing a dental chain. In the beginning of 2016, Niels Madsen’s own clinic becomes the first clinic in tandlægen.dk and from there on, the business takes off. In the period 2016 to 2017, we acquired around 80 clinics offering all type of dental treatments. From the year 2018 to 2019, we executed mergers, reconstructions and expansions, which means that we today have 52 clinics that are spread nationwide. We employ around 200 dentists, 140 dental hygienists have a total of 330 dental rooms and over 800 employees. tandlægen.dk is nationwide and is in continuous growth.

Each clinic continues to be managed by a responsible clinic owner, who is the guarantor for the clinic’s professionality and patient safety.
We focus on development of competences of all employees in our chain. In this way we together can move our professionalism to a higher level – for the benefit of our patients’ dental health.

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