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Occupational therapists for Medpro Clinic / Primary care clinics Sweden

Primary care clinics near Gothenburg in Sweden are looking for occupational therapists to join their teams.

Sweden provides one of the best living standards in the world. Residents enjoy free education, subsidized health care, an extensive and smooth-running public transport system and access to the magnificent unspoiled countryside. Primary care forms the foundation of the health care system in Sweden. As a primary care clinic, we provide highly skilled and competent preventive care and are responsible for guiding the patients to the correct level of care within the healthcare system in Sweden.

The principle of providing care for patients from cradle to grave is embedded in the Scandinavian primary care model. Work is team-based and we promote this by having a constant focus on doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, welfare counselors, administrators etc. growing their understanding of the value of the team. As an example of this we have all of our permanent staff do psychometric testing to help coach them to see their personal strengths and drivers and to coach them how to best fit into the team. This fall we will have all staffs employed by the Medpro Clinic Group participate in 2½ days of training and fun with the clear goal of growing this Team-Spirit.

Evaluation & Development Perform a complete initial evaluation of referred patients using evaluation protocols, standardized tests and clinical observations; develop and implement treatment plans, including short- and long-term goals and methods to achieve them; adjust treatment plan and goals as needed

Documentation & Communication Maintain complete documentation of patient evaluation, treatment, progress and discharge status; counsel and teach patients and families; coordinate care plans with other involved health professionals and discuss changes in treatment programs with MDs

 Employee Development Assist with the supervision and guidance of new personnel, assistants, students and volunteers as assigned; develop and conduct in-service training programs

Most of our primary care centers have 25-40 members of staff and are located in close proximity to Gothenburg and Gothenburg Airport with flights in and out of the area to all of the rest of Europe. We are located in Lilla Edet, Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Brålanda, and Alingsås.

You are/have:
•    State specific Occupational Therapy license and minimum six months experience
•    Highly motivated for a successful integration in Sweden
•    High social competence
•    Availability to complete the Swedish, intensive course
•    Enjoy working within a team and you are also a good team motivator 

We offer
•    Permanent contract after reaching the C1 level in Swedish, getting the registration with the Swedish National Board of Health
•    A competative salary
•    5-6 weeks paid holiday per year
•    Attractive occupational pension scheme
•    Full insurance cover
•    Continuous training and educational possibilities
•    Free healthcare and other benefits

Medpro Clinic Group is a privately held healthcare company specializing in primary care health centers and rehabilitation in Sweden, for the time being located in the Västra Götaland Region, where Gothenburg makes it the number two most populated part of Sweden only surpassed by the Stockholm Region. The founders of Medpro are medical doctors and one of the co-founders, Dr. Hans Wittrup, M.D., Ph.D., is still President and CEO of the Group. Medpro also recruits, socially and culturally integrates healthcare professionals. As a matter of fact, Medpro was founded in 1998 as a recruitment company and although this part of the Group’s activities were sold off in 2011 the expertise and knowledge for what a successful recruitment looks like is still part of the Group’s DNA. Today recruitment is done for one of our sex primary care centers with approximately 220 employees all located 30 – 60 minutes’ drive from central Gothenburg.

The clinics are run with a decentralized local management and driven forward by highly professional teams and report to the central management offering financial, human resource, design and architecture as well as general managerial services. All clinics are highly ranked in the yearly national patient survey. The Group is growing at a healthy pace and has just acquired an additional rehabilitation clinic in a new location and is looking at taking over or opening 2-3 new primary care centers within the next 2 years. We believe that a diversified group of people make up the best teams and hence we are recruiting not only in Sweden and welcome your application.

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Trollhättan, Alingsås, Lilla Edet, Vänersborg, Brålanda and Åmål  

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