MediCarrera is an authorized partner of the public health care in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. On behalf of public hospitals, primary care centers, and dental clinics, we select candidates, organize the intensive language program for all family members and the relocation to the new country. Moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. A new career, a new lifestyle and new challenges can also be very stressful if not carefully managed. The mission of MediCarrera is to give you and your family the support you need so that, when you arrive in the new country you are ready for the challenges and opportunities which your new life presents. With the MediCarrera program, every family member will speak the language starting with the first day in the new country. Since 2003 we have been helping doctors, nurses and dentists take their careers to the next level working in the Swedish, Norwegian or Danish healthcare system. MediCarrera is the only company offering an intensive language course for the entire family. All the services of MediCarrera are free of charge for the candidates and their families.


Various vacancies as a staff specialist in psychiatry are open in Norway. The hospitals are looking for specialists in psychiatry with broad interests and knowledge. 

Working in a Norwegian hospital gives you both a good and a stable professional and private life. You get attractive working conditions and great possibilities for professional development, and a better work-life balance. 


• Specialist title in Psychiatry. 

• Availability to complete the Norwegian intensive course 

Our Offer: 

• Permanent contract after a six-month trial period. 

• Salary starting from 5000 € gross. Duties, if there will be, will be paid apart. 

• Training courses within working hours. 

• Help to find: apartment, school and kindergarten. 

• Invitation to study tour to Norway after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment. 

• Assistance with removal and relocation costs. 

• Intensive Norwegian course, also for the family. 

• Remuneration during the Norwegian language course of 700€ monthly net, a supplement for children of a 70€ monthly net, free apartment and travel costs for the family. 

All the services of MediCarrera are free of charge for the candidates



7 000.00 EUR per month

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Full Time